Our Story

ENERGID ENERGY (E2) is a U.S. based clean-energy and natural gas & oil operator specializing in “decentralized” power generation utilizing unique configurations of Distributed Energy Resource technologies. We develop sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy solutions that allow our customers to maximize their energy efficiency and operational performance. E2 develops, owns, operates, and maintains all of the technology required for our turnkey energy solutions, with no upfront capital costs to our customers.

As a natural gas owner/operator E2 is able to produce electricity at a more competitive rate as well as provide certainty against unforeseen changes in the natural gas marketplace.  E2 is the ideal partner for your microgrid projects.

E2 also converts flared gas, often a liability to natural gas and oil operators, into a long-term revenue stream through the production of on-site electricity generation. The methane from leaking wells or flaring is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) that is harmful to our planet. Through our process we capture the gas, clean it, and turn it into a synthetic gas with over 50% reduction in GHG. The gas is fed into a highly efficient generator and the electricity is then sold to local utility companies through long-term (5-20 year) power purchase agreements.

E2 also converts Biomass to electricity.  Biomass is any organic material that has stored sunlight in the form of chemical energy. There are many types of biomass that can be used for power generation such as plants, agricultural and forestry residues, organic components of landfills (municipal solid waste), and farm animal manure.