Distributed Energy Resources, also known as on-site generation, is the production of electricity utilizing smaller power generation technologies located at or close to the point where the power will be used (load). These power generation technologies operate on a multitude of energy sources such as natural gas, methane gas, wellhead gas, wind and solar.


Industrial, Commercial, Universities, Hospitals, & Military Bases

All these listed and more are examples of where DER can be fully and successfully implemented.  In most cases, installing a DER system can reduce monthly utility expenses while providing increased power security, delivery and reliability.  Industrial and large commercial power customers will also eliminate demand on the local/regional power grid thereby lessening strain.

Hospitals benefit from securing their own source of uninterrupted power that is vital to all medical institutions as lives literally depend on it.  Lowering electricity costs is also a key benefit to the ever cash strapped medical institutions.

Universities benefit not only from lower electricity costs but DER makes it possible to link college and university campuses together through microgrid technology ensuring total ‘islanding’ of the electricity generation and flow.

Military Bases have key concerns around security and reliability.  With DER a military base can implement an entire microgrid system that is not susceptible to hackers and are able to ensure their own generation feedstock(s).