Energid Energy a hybrid US-based energy company that is both an Oil & Gas operator and a producer of electricity.

  • Traditional power generation models separate the resources from the power production. By controlling both we provide energy security, price stability and maximum profitability.
  • We specialize in converting our gas assets to electricity as a Distributed Energy generator for utilities; microgrids; corporate, university & hospital campuses; military bases; and any other entity that seeks distributed power generation.
  • We use state of the art combined-cycle generators to produce wattage to our customers requirements (500kw up to 10 MW per unit). Multiple units may be deployed in tandem to generate larger MW amounts to meet client’s demand.
  • Energid Energy also deploys battery storage using state of the art Lithium-Metal batteries that employ a proprietary technology that allows for greater energy density and longer discharge than traditional storage batteries.